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LDS Writers

Published LDS Writers on the Internet. If your name should be added to this list, drop us a note with a brief description of your published works and your contact information.
  • Avraham Gileadi -- Isaiah scholar, author of The Last Days: Types and Shadows from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1991), multiple other scholarly and academic treatises. Visit his home page for more information.
  • Arizona Night Writers Association -- A group of Arizona-based women LDS writers. Or was that LDS writing Arizonan women? Anyway, if all four adjectives apply to you, join up!
  • Mari Vawn (Tinney) Bailey -- Author, Marita: Missing in Mexico (Aspen Books: 1996). Published more than 30 technical publications and graded ESL readers. A non-fiction writer and small press publisher for LDS materials, Prairie Rose Press. Visit her Web page.
  • David N. Balmforth -- Writer, New Age Menace: The Secret War Against The Followers Of Christ (Horizon: 1996)
  • Michael Bitton -- Reporter and photgrapher at The Union Democrat, 14,000-circulation daily newspaper in Sonora, Calif. Published in High Country News, photos published in The New York Times and a handful of trade publications.
  • Carlfred S. Broderick -- Author, Couples, Understanding Family Process; dozens of other books and articles on family counseling; professor at USC.
  • Samuel Brown -- "Universals: The Philosophical Implications of Modern Linguistics." In Vision, v. 2, 1994. "Son of Man." Translation of Aleksandr Men's Syn Chelovecheskij. Oakwood Publications, 1997. And there's more on his Web page.
  • Joel Campbell -- Assistant city editor at the Deseret News. Published there, as well as in This People, Salt Lake City Magazine and City and State. Writing a travel book about LDS historic sites. Active in state and national Freedom of Information/ First Amendment issues and helps monitor FOI-L. (Subscribe with message "Subscribe FOI-L".) Serves on the board of the National Freedom of Information Coalition and Utah Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists. See his home page or visit his national Freedom of Information site.
  • Orson Scott Card -- There's the official page, of course, but you know you're Somebody when your fans start building home pages in homage to you!
  • Michael R. Collings -- Professor of English at Pepperdine University, with publications in poetry and criticism/scholarship. Researcher in science fiction/fantasy. A resource on the fictions of Orson Scott Card. Visit his home page.
  • Stephen R. Covey -- Author, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, multiple other management and leadership books. Read his biography or visit his Covey Leadership Center home page.
  • Covenant Publishing -- List of their authors and artists
  • Richard D. Draper -- Author, numerous books and articles on ancient scripture.
  • Thom Duncan -- Science fiction writer and Webmaster at Zion's Fiction .
  • Eugene England -- Essayist, editor, BYU English department faculty member.
  • Bruce T. Forbes -- Published in the Friend, various military newspapers. Working on LDS-oriented "fantasy/quest" manuscript founded on Milton's Pilgrim's Progress.
  • LauraMaery Gold -- Author and writer on technology, business and legal topics. PCWorld editor. Co-author: Complete Idiot's Guide to Excel for Windows 95. Visit her home page for sample columns.
  • Tracy Hickman -- New York Times best-selling novelist; has just published 35th novel.
  • Steve Hildreth -- Specialist in National Defense, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. Published three books and a hundred-plus journal articles and various reports to Congress on international and national security issues. Also published on LDS doctrinal views dealing with war and peace issues.
  • Teresa Holladay --Short story published recently in Wasatch Review International, an LDS literary journal. Have a read of this true story about a mother who became a street person, and how her children worked to bring her back.
  • Kent P. Jackson -- Prolific author of scholarly research on ancient scripture; BYU faculty member, dept. of relious education.
  • Daniel K. Judd -- Author of dozens of books, articles on marriage and family therapy topics; member, BYU religious education dept.
  • Allen Leigh -- Published in Dialogue and an electronics magazine.
  • Dale Little -- Kirtland, Ohio. Pen name: Nicholas Crilley. Commercial writer, editor and photographer since 1975. Currently a lead editor for agricultural publications. Specialities include all aspects of U.S. and global agribusiness, regulatory, and environmental issues.
  • Robert McClintock -- Writer, Latter-Day Messenger in San Francisco area. See his home page.
  • LuJane Nisse -- Publisher, Boomerang!, a weekly community paper in eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Columnist and winner of several awards from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association.
  • Benson Parkinson -- Author, The MTC: Set Apart (Aspen 1995) and S. Dilworth Young (Covenant 1994); moderator, AML-List, a mailing list devoted to Mormon literature. Visit his home page.
  • James Rada Jr. -- Author: Logan's Fire (Covenant Communications), the first in a series of young-adult fiction about the three Nephites; Beast (Renlow Publishing), a mainstream horror-suspense novel; over two dozen short sf/f/h stories; hundreds of articles. Visit him at his home page.
  • Michael D. Rhodes -- Author of scholarly studies on physics, engineering, egyptology; BYU faculty member, Religious Education.
  • Peggy Shumway -- Published in Arizona LDS publication, The Latter-day Sun. Won American Mother's essay contest in 1994. Novel In the Midst of Them scheduled for publication by Aspen Books, Spring 1997. Visit her home page, and find out about her affiliation with a writing group for LDS women.
  • Ed Snow -- Published short stories, poetry, and essays in Dialogue, Sunstone, Wasatch Review International, Zarahemla: A Forum for Mormon Poetry, Latter-day Digest, The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies and Betrachtungen.
  • Kip Sperry -- Author of numerous articles on genealogy topics
  • Greg Taggart -- On-line investments columnist for Bloomberg Personal. Published in various Utah Valley newspapers, including the Daily Herald.
  • Bruce A. Van Orden -- Biographer, author of multiple articles on Church-history-related topics
  • J. Todd Walker -- Author, Thrice in Time (Horizon: 1994).
  • Brook West -- Science Fiction and Fantasy author. Published finalist in last year's Writers of the Future contest. See his home page.
  • Julia West -- Published in children's Friend, grand prize winner of last year's Writers of the Future contest. See her home page.
  • Gayla Wise--Books: (1) The Sign of the Son of Man: The Shechinah (2) Value-able Ideas for Personal Progress (3) Help for Gospel Lessons. Also published in Tribune newspapers, Latter-day Journal, the Beehive, and the Ensign. Visit her through the ANWA Web page or write to PO Box 41511, Mesa, AZ 85274-1511.

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