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Last updated: Friday, 24 January 1997

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Table of Contents:

  • Why this page was created
  • LDS Journals and Biographies On-Line
  • Other LDS Historical Documents
  • The Future of This Page

  • Why this page was created

    Welcome to Mormon-J's LDS Journal History Page. Journalists began life as diarists... and this page celebrates the contribution of faithful LDS journal-keepers who recorded -- and thereby created -- the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Journals and biographies

    Missionary Journal of Ozro Ozias Crockett (1897-1899)
    Church History stories -- Growing archive of pioneer stories from Dave Kenison.
    Buchanan family -- Pioneer family histories (Anderson, Buchanan, Davis, Davies, Carling, Dutson, Green, Jacobson, Lovell, Roundy)
    Moody family -- More pioneer family histories (Barney, Bull, Bullard, Brown, Burgess, Craig, Curtis, Daley, Dibble, Durfee, Johnson, Larsen, Lewis, Mathews, Moody, Pulsipher)
    Testify -- Conversion stories, both historical and contemporary.
    Journals -- A fine collection of journals, histories, and other texts
    Early Saints -- An FTP site accessible through the Web
    Vingettes -- Folio Infobase Historical Vingettes

    Other LDS historical documents on-line

    FARMS -- The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies home page, at its new address. Scholarly research on ancient history related to the Book of Mormon, and history of the LDS Church. Notable sections include:
  • Book of Mormon lecture series -- Historical insights on Book of Mormon research
  • Book of Mormon Criticism Series -- An FAQ page about Book of Mormon criticisms
  • Lecture Series -- Lectures given at the annual FARMS banquet. Includes lectures on politics, temples and the Book of Mormon.
  • Utah Historical Encyclopedia -- A gift to Utahns for the state's centennial celebration. DARN CASE-SENSITIVE INTERNET! IF YOU HAD TROUBLE READING THESE BEORE, TRY AGAIN. I'VE CORRECTED THE URLS! Notable entries:
  • Leonard Arrington, Mormon Historian
  • Fawn McKay Brodie, Biographer
  • Juanita Brooks, Historian
  • Deseret News
  • Mark Hofman, Forger, Murderer, and Anti-historian
  • Ogden Standard Examiner
  • BH Roberts, Pioneer Historian
  • Salt Lake Tribune
  • James E.Talmage, Scientist, Writer
  • Utah Journalism History
  • Utah Literary History
  • Emmeline B.Wells, Pioneer Journalist
  • 150 Years Ago Dave Crockett's ongoing Sesquicentenial project.
    Mss. collection -- USU's historical manuscript collection. Campaign to get it scanned in, OCR'ed, and posted on-line!
    Historian's analysis -- D. Michael Quinn responds as a historian to an attack on LDS history.
    Photos on line -- Great LDS historical photos from Brad W. Richards.
    The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri -- A Must Read if you're a student of LDS history!
    Nauvoo -- Sam Brown's essay "On Religious Toleration in Mormon Nauvoo"
    Dispute -- Archive of disputed Mormon texts
    Rel Ed. -- Religious Studies Center at BYU
    Utah Historical Quarterly -- Conversion Project -- Call it a service project; score points!
    State -- Utah's Struggle for Statehood
    Summary -- Utah Historical Society's brief summary of Utah history
    Folio Queries -- The query page
    American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War -- An anthropologist describes the Southern Utah people who allowed -- even embraced -- nuclear testing in their own backyards.
    TimeLine -- BYU timeline builder under construction
    Mormon History Resource Page -- OK -- one page of links to other links

    How to Contact Us:

  • If you have electronic copies of historic (read: Pioneer or pre-1940) journals, this is the place to make it known. We hope to create an archive of these documents at some point in the future, but for now, we'll include links to your address.
  • If you want us to include other LDS journalism or history links, let us know! This page will be regularly updated.
  • This is how you can contact us:
    LauraMaery Gold, Editor, Mormon-J

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