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Journalism Resources

A resource for journalists ... and other historians

Last updated: Monday, 3 February 1997

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Table of Contents:

  • Journalism employment
  • Authors' Guidelines
  • Publishers on the Internet
  • Journalism newsgroups
  • Competitions and associations
  • News sources
  • Writers' library
  • Writers' tools
  • About the editor
  • Where to contact us

  • Internet Journalism Resources

    Tools, competitions, employment for writers

    Journalism Employment

    Writers' Marketplace -- Categories for every writer or publisher
    Job Bank USA -- Search on "edit* or writ*"
    Internet Career Connection -- Searches USENET listings.
    E-Map -- UK-based journalism job listings
    American Journalism Review -- Sign up for the Joblink service now being created
    America's Job Bank -- Use the writers category to find journalism employment throughout the US.
    Bricolage -- Market intelligence section
    Career Path -- Job listings in all the major dailies -- except Salt Lake!
    Editor and Publisher -- The classifieds
    Freelance Online -- Freelance writing and editing jobs
    InkSpot -- Writers' classifieds
    Reporters' Net -- Directory of journalists, editors, producers, and freelance writers
    PJ Scout -- Free service that will periodically e-mail you jobs in the General Business: Advertising/Public Relations/Media category
    Telecommuting Jobs -- The writers listings
    Addison Wesley Longman -- The first of several publishers' in-house employment listings

    Authors' Guidelines

    Peachpit Press -- Computing titles

    Publishers on the Internet

    E-Mail: Media -- Good list of e-mail contacts for most news media.
    Publishers' Catalogues -- Best list I've seen of publishers on the 'Net. International.
    MagFinder Online Database -- Links to more than 700 magazines from around the world.

    Journalism Newsgroups

    E-mail your subscription request in this form: No "subject" line; no "signature" line; message reads: Subscribe (newsgroup) (yourname)
    amend-l-- First Amendment issues and other law topics
    cablereg-l -- Cable Regulation Digest, a summary of regulatory news
    comlaw-l-- American Association of Law Schools section on mass communications law
    carr-l -- Computer-Assisted Reporting list
    copyediting-l -- Tips on grammar and sentence construction
    correx-l --Foreign Correspondents' Exchange Network
    digital news -- Implications of new technology on news and the future of the news business
    edupage -- Newspaper digest of media issues and information technology.
    foi-l -- Freedom of information issues, access to meetings and the public's right to know
    intcar-l -- Journalism and computer-assisted reporting outside the US
    ire-l -- The Investigative Reporters and Editors list
    jhistory -- history of journalism, job placements, research topics
    journet -- Journalism course content, resources, teaching strategies, ethics, current news events
    news media update -- Latest state and federal cases, other issues in media law.
    newslib-- Researching news stories
    nicar -- University of Missouri's computer-assisted reporting list.
    on-line-- On-line publication of newspaper and magazines, design, content, future
    producer -- Short articles on producing news, humor, tips, helps, series overviews, trends
    radio rider -- Radio sites on the net, computers, show preparation.
    rtvj-l -- Radio and television professionals
    shoptalk -- TV news job changes, reprints of newspaper articles by media writers, ratings, job postings, letters to the editors.
    spj-l -- Society for Professional Journalists' list
    telecom-post -- Congressional action on telecommunications
    web-update -- Upcoming programs from the Public Broadcasting Service
    writer-l-- Discussions of feature writing, explanatory journalism, literary journalism, book journalism. Info on techniques, markets, jobs, agents, editors

    Associations and Competitions

    Arachnoid -- Arachnoid Writer's Alliance
    Journalism Ed -- Communications and Journalism Academic WWW Sites
    Writing Competitions -- The Art Deadlines List

    News Sources

    CNN -- US and world news
    The Economist -- Weekly business and politics news.
    Independent Radio News -- News headlines with Real Audio.
    The Pointcast Network -- Delivers customised news to your desktop (with adverts)
    The Press Association -- Hourly international news headlines, including a roundup of What the Papers Say.
    The Week -- Previous week’s European and world news.
    C-TV -- Court TV Home Page
    ejournal -- The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Electronic Journals
    News -- Infoseek Guide: Headline News

    Writers' Library

    Books -- Project Gutenberg Home Page
    Greatest Books -- "The World's 100 Greatest Books" and "The World's 100 Greatest People" Audiocassette Collections. Richard tells us that Bonneville International is the primary partner in the company and the works were inspired by the admonition in D&C to study good books.

    Writers' Tools

    Editorial Eye -- A Must-Read for any editor.
    Black on White -- Help for writers who can't stick to a schedule.
    Pure Writing -- List of agents and publishers, hints on curing writers's block, author interviews, more
    MagFinder Online Database -- Links to more than 700 magazines from around the world.
    Bricolage -- Bricolage Table of Resources
    National Press Club -- Great list of journalism tools.
    The Reporters Network -- nonprofit organization maintaining comprehensive directory of reporters, editors, freelance writers and other news professionals.
    CIS Byte -- Byte Ryte Bookshelf
    MU Links -- Journalism Resources from University of Missouri
    Edge -- The Writers Edge
    JForum -- CompuServe's JForum home page
    Counsel Quote -- Reporters can submit legal queries and frame searches, link directly to legal experts who are available to provide information.

    About the Editor:

    LauraMaery Gold and her husband Dan Post edit and write for magazines and newspapers around the world. Click here to visit their library. Visit the Writerspost.Com home page for more information about their writing and editing services.

    This is how you can contact us:

    LauraMaery Gold, Editor, Mormon-J

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