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Last updated: Friday, 24 January 1997

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Table of Contents:

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  • LDS Pages
  • Scholarly and Academic Research
  • Doctrinal Discourse
  • The Mormon Experience
  • LDS Newsgroups
  • About the Editor

  • Well-done LDS pages

    Scholarly and Academic Research

    A History of Anti-Mormonism --
    FARMS -- The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies home page, at its new address. Scholarly research on ancient history related to the Book of Mormon, and history of the LDS Church. Notable sections include:
  • Book of Mormon lecture series -- Historical insights on Book of Mormon research
  • Book of Mormon Criticism Series -- An FAQ page about Book of Mormon criticisms
  • Lecture Series -- Lectures given at the annual FARMS banquet. Includes lectures on politics, temples and the Book of Mormon.
  • Chiasmus project -- School of scripture study that provides evidence of Joseph's divine call.
    Geography and Archaeology of the Book of Mormon -- Hamblin's response to critics
    The Mayan connection -- A study demonstrating numerous parallels between Book of Mormon societies and Guatamalan ritual.
    The Joseph Smith Hypocephalus -- Scholarly commentary on the Book of Abraham facsimiles
    Wondering When He Comes Again Clint Gray's second coming of Christ research group.
    Religion -- Religious Studies Center
    Religion -- The Religious Education Department at BYU

    Doctrinal Discourse

    The Sunday School Page -- Commentary on this year's Gospel Doctrine lessons. Great teacher's aid.
    Of Souls, Symbols, and Sacraments -- An address by Jeffrey R. Holland on the subject of human intimacy.
    Discussion Area -- John Cullen's discussion page for LDS gospel topics
    Book of Mormon Answerman -- The best page on the Web. Real questions, intelligent answers.
    LDS FAQs -- Frequently Asked Questions about Mormonism
    BofM -- Free Book of Mormon page

    The Mormon Experience

    The Purpose of Life -- Beautifully done slide show by fellow Nyu Joisian Jack Frost. A Must-See!
    Testify! -- On-line testimonies of Latter-day Saints.
    Top Ten Mormon Sites -- Plus a few honorable mentions
    LDS Clipart -- Gotta do a handout for the next homemaking meeting. Here's my resource.
    Family Network -- The Osmonds have assembled a great page of family resources and advice.
    Religion and Happiness -- Page developed by D. Judd, a marriage and family therapist
    Nauvoo -- The former AOL forum moves to the Web.
    Sky Highs at $1.20 -- The number one reason to retire in Provo...Denny's in the Sky!
    Douglas Lai and his great Hong Kong LDS home page. You won't believe Doug is a kid!
    Infobases -- Infobases Home Page
    LDS Family Activity Center -- Penpals, etc.
    Lindsay's List -- Links to most things LDS
    Mormon.Net -- The Mormonism Network
    Space Mormons -- What? You've got no sense of humor? (But this one seems to have made an unfortunate disappearance... keep watching.)
    Visit -- LDS Visitors' Center

    LDS Newsgroups

    LDS Newsgroups

    More to come!
    ELWC -- What one participant calls "The Ward from Hell, my Mormon feminist radicals."

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