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Last updated: Friday, 24 January 1997

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Table of Contents:

  • Essays and thoughts on Mormonism and Journalism
  • LDS Periodicals
  • LDS Publishers
  • Mormon Literature
  • Events
  • Book sellers
  • About the editor
  • How to contact us

  • Essays and thoughts on Mormonism and Journalism -- and Literature

  • Towards A Mormon Aesthetic-- Orson Scott Card's thoughts on writing to LDS and non-LDS audiences
  • Designed for Our Day -- The Book of Mormon as literature.
  • BYU Addresses -- Bruce Christensen, Arch L.Madsen and Daniel A. Stout.
  • Bruce Hafen -- On the First Amendment
  • Orson Scott Card -- Bro. Card's open letter explaining his belief in the Book of Mormon, along with a discourse on the nature of fiction.
  • Mormonism and Literature -- The essay by William Mulder that first appeared in Western Humanities Review.

  • LDS Periodicals

  • Ancient American Archeaology -- No known LDS affiliation, but certainly of interest.
  • Brigham Young Magazine -- BYU publication
  • This People -- The People Magazine of Mormonism
  • Insights: An Ancient Window -- The newsletter of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS)
  • FARMS Review of Books -- LDS book reviews
  • Beyond ... And Then Some -- LDS-oriented on-line fiction magazine
  • BYU publications -- Downloadable versions of the J.Reuban Clark Law School magazine; Exchange, the Marriot School of Management magazine; and the magazine for LDS physicians and medical professionals.
  • BYU Studies -- Multidisciplinary Latter-day Saint journal
  • Church News -- The religion section of the Deseret News.
  • Communicate -- Communications Department at BYU
  • The Daily Herald -- Utah Valley's best daily. (Editor's Note: This was the paper that trained me up in the way I should go; now that I'm old, I will not depart far from it). The Herald operates a fine religion section that tries too hard to be diverse.
  • @BYU -- The KBYU/Daily Universe Page
  • Deseret News -- Salt Lake City's best daily. Updated address!
  • Emeritydings -- Newsletter for emeritus BYU-ers.
  • Hartmut Weissman's Betrachtungen ("Reflections") -- a Euro-Sunstone/BYU Studies. Write him at Gartner Platz 10, 61130 Nidderau, Germany.
  • Journal of Book of Mormon Studies -- Published semi-annually
  • Ke Alaka'i -- The BYU-Hawaii newspaper.
  • Ketav -- BYU's Department of Computer Science's Online Magazine.
  • Latter-day Magazine On-Line -- Published weekly by the Latter-day Foundation for the Arts
  • Latter-day Messenger -- LDS newspaper distributed in Northern California
  • LDS-GEMS -- Semi-monthly round-up of LDS news.
  • LDS Newswire -- A comprehensive news service from Infobases.
  • The Leading Edge -- A science fiction/fantasy publication from BYU.
  • Review of Books on the Book of Mormon -- A FARMS publication
  • Student Review -- Off-campus BYU student publication.
  • Vigor -- A thoughtful publication of essays edited, and sometimes written, by Orson Scott Card. The publication is now part of Nauvoo at this address.
  • Wasatch Review International -- Literary journal used in writing classes at BYU.

  • LDS Publishers

  • Full list -- Benson Parkinson's and Gideon Burton's more-complete-than-my LDS publishers list.
  • Aspen Books -- Novels-n-stuff for LDS audiences
  • Submissions -- How to submit articles to the Church News
  • Covenant Communications -- Publishes LDS-themed novels, biographies, books on tape, CDs
  • Hatrack River Publications -- The authors' guidelines from this LDS-themed publisher
  • Prairie Rose Press -- From Liahona Developmental, focusing on LDS-Latin American publishing
  • Zion's Fiction -- LDS-oriented science fiction publishing house

  • Mormon Literature

  • AMLA -- Association for Mormon Letters Awards
  • AML-List -- Internet mailing list for the discussion of Mormon literature
  • CFAC -- BYU's College of Fine Arts and Communications
  • M-Crit -- Mormon Criticism
  • M-Lit -- Mormon Literature Home Page
  • Taliesin -- A series of LDS-oriented mythic poems based dually on the life of Joseph Smith and on a number of Arthurian motifs.
  • Where Is? -- What's Where in Mormon Literature

  • Events

    Mormon Arts Festival -- Literature, theatre, film and media play a part. Registration for 1997 is taking place now.
    LDS Writer's Groups -- Get together with other writers online and critique one another's work.
    Wasatch Review Fall Writers Conference -- Attracts top LDS writers and publishers, including Bookcraft, Covenant, Aspen. Speakers included Marilyn Brown, author of Statehood and winner of the first Mormon Literature award for fiction; Chris Heimerdinger, author of the popular Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series; and Robert Kirby, the witty and insightful Officer Blitz Krieg of Utah Valley On-line fame. Contact Teresa Holladay for more information.


  • Deseret Book -- The semi-official publisher and distributor of LDS literature. Toll-free number: (800) 453-4532
  • Distribution Center -- The official publisher. Nothing on the page yet, so in the meantime, call the toll-free number: (800) 537 5955.
  • Hatrack River -- LDS-themed novels.
  • Online Retailers -- Contacts for several LDS booksellers.
  • Ken Sanders -- Salt Lake City-based rare book dealer specializing in modern literature, the literary west and Utah and the Mormons.
  • Zarahemla Book Shoppe -- Works of LDS books for sale. Order on-line.

  • About the Editor:

    LauraMaery Gold and her husband Dan Post edit and write for magazines and newspapers around the world. Click here to visit their library. Visit the Writerspost.Com home page for more information about their writing and editing services.

    This is how you can contact us:

    LauraMaery Gold, Editor, Mormon-J

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