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Praise for Mormons on the Internet

"Finally--a computer book I not only understand, but find exciting. LauraMaery Gold gives us an explosion of righteous ways to use technology to bless ourselves and others."
--Joni Hilton, Author of As The Ward Turns and other LDS Bestsellers

"A timely and useful guide for LDS internet users, and a convenient 'phone book' of like-minded friends."
--Christina Nibley Mincek, LDS Director of Public Affairs for North Florida/South Georgia

"An excellent resource. I was introduced to many useful Web sites I wasn't previously aware of. "
--David M. Brown, Idaho Boise Mission President

"LauraMaery Gold has a pithy, intelligent style that's a delight to read--and she knows her Net!!"
--Kristen Randle, author, MLA Best Book of the Year 1997

"I knew that the Internet was a fertile field for members of the LDS Church, but until reading this 'Book of Modem' I had no idea how entrenched we are in it. This is fascinating and informative reading."
--Kathryn H. Kidd, moderator of and author of Paradise Vue

"People the world over are flocking to the Internet, and in the process are also discovering the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. LauraMaery Gold has captured the essence of each and has melded them together in this book. I heartily recommend it as must reading for anyone interested in religion and/or the Internet."
--Arthur Wilde, LDS Section Leader, the CompuServe Religion Forum

"I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about LDS web sites, but Mormons on the Internet has opened my eyes to a vast universe of LDS resources and on-line communities. This book has now created a problem for me: to express it in bumper sticker vernacular, So many LDS web sites, so little time!"
--Robert D. Starling, LDS Film/TV Producer, Founder, Associated Latter-day Media Artists (ALMA)

"At last, someone has done it all and done it right! Moses was enabled to see everything in the universe; when it comes to the universe of the World Wide Web, this book does the same."
--Chris Conkling, Author, A Joseph Smith Chronology, Lord of the Rings (United Artists screenplay)

"This book will become an incredibly valuable resource for all Latter-day Saints who have found the helpful wonders of the Internet."
--Robert J. Allen, M.D

"Mormons on the Internet is a great way for members of our world-wide church to stay linked. LauraMaery's book is not only a font of information, it's a lot of fun. This is a must have book for anyone hooked up to the Internet."
--Michael Rutter, Author, Run of the Arrow and The Corporate Edge

"This is the resource you've been looking for--a friendly, step-by-step guide to all things Mormon on the Internet. LauraMaery Gold is irresistible, combining a strong business and Internet background, a wonderful writing style, and a lifetime of service as an active Latter-day Saint."
--Cathy Gileadi, Author of Homeschool Genesis and Everywoman's Herbal

"LauraMaery Gold is one of the outstanding writers and contributors to the Internet. Her book is filled with valuable information for all Internet users, and her helpful advice provides a step-by-step guide to finding, and using, that information. I heartily recommend Mormons on the Internet to all Latter-day Saints."
--Craig Anderson, Professional software developer and long time Internet user

"LauraMaery Gold's vivacious and spirited presence has been a joy to LDS on-line community. Mormons on the Internet will be an invaluable resource, containing both helpful advice for the novice and beneficial information for the experienced LDS internet participant."
--Robb Cundick, Former CompuServe LDS Section Leader, Member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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