This is not Procrastination

WriterReadersPost is not an exercise in procrastination, or so I must tell myself. Hopefully it will contain useful information: on writing habits, software, outlining, plot development, proper lighting and suitable refreshments.

I won’t dwell, too much, on things like writers block because, although I often suffer from this writer’s malady. I actually rather call it by its other more appropriate name: Those moments when there really is something else I’d rather do. They happen and I’m not worried. I’m not hard core. I don’t believe that if I’m not writing my joy meter immediately drops to zero, maybe later when I realize that time has passed and I haven’t written, but not immediately.

At the moment I’m struggling through a growing spurt. I’m re-working a decent short story into what I hope will be an even better novel. I’m moving along, some days discouraged, some days with new found enthusiasm. (I also happen to believe that just being a writer does not require a constant depressive state, although the ability to empathize is probably essential.)

So, I’ll close out for now, not having said much of anything tonight, but with notions for greater things to come.


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  2. those times when doing something else would truly be preferable. They occur, but they don't worry me. See:

  3. I'm making progress with; some days I'm disheartened, and other days I'm full of energy.

  4. Your dedication truly matters to us. Keep it up!

  5. I’m moving along, some days discouraged, some days with new found enthusiasm.


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